Hello and welcome to my website. If you have arrived here looking for clear, accurate and personalised advice. Great you’ve found the right place!

I am a Registered Dietitian, body positive personal trainer and fitness instructor.  Mum to three teenagers, two dogs and a cat. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for nutrition and how food can directly impact our health and body. I love cooking and creating new recipes. I love eating food, the flavours, textures smells and I believe everyone should be able to enjoy their food, ‘stress and guilt’ free!  There is no bad food in my eyes, all food can be enjoyed as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Helping you to find this peace with food, nutrition, health and body image is my priority.

I have spent my career in both the NHS and private practice. I have been lucky to have a wide range of experience working in NHS community clinics dealing with a varied caseload including, diet related disease, malnutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, IBS, to name a few. I ran very successful weight loss groups for the NHS, through to the acute setting as a Specialist Oncology Dietitian.  My career has been very rewarding but also challenging due to lack of recourses and time. I found myself frequently frustrated with the amount of quality time I was able to spend with my patients. Time was very limited, to limited for me to make a real impact and improve their health and quality of life.

It is no wonder people turn to the internet or their friends for nutritional and health advice. Sadly this can be damaging to health and lead to poor nutritional status.

I now have my own practice in Altrincham. My goal is simple, to provide accurate evidenced based advice, personalised and achievable advice for my clients.

We live in a world where everyone seems to be an expert in nutrition. People come to me confused and stuck. The fact is that much of the dietary advice you read from ‘wellness gurus’ and ‘lifestyle bloggers’, etc… is mainly inaccurate and can be damaging to your health particularly your mental health and ironically your wellbeing.

What I do

  • I help you find peace with food and body.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food.
  • I dispel the myths and I provide you with accurate, personalised, evidence based advice.
  • I  help you optimise your health, fitness or performance needs.

I also have a passion for fitness and exercise. Activity is so important for health and wellbeing. I trained to be a fitness instructor and personal trainer while I was running Weight-loss classes for the NHS. I believe activity and weight loss go hand in hand. Now that I work freelance I also work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I love being able to other a complete package to my clients. Accurate evidence based nutrition advice combined with exercise and training gets results!

I don’t do body transformations exercise isn’t about looking a certain way at all costs, burning out and quitting. I certainly don’t do before and afters!  Exercise it enjoyable, it boosts your feel good hormones, improves your health, co-ordination, stamina and mental health. It’s good for you, I promote a sustainable approach, I want you to keep going and love how you feel.