Why use a personal trainer?

Lately I’ve been focusing a lot on the fitness side of my business. I’m a great believer that exercise and activity should be a part of everyone’s life. Exercise isn’t just for people who want to lose weight. Exercise benefits our health, wellbeing, strength, balance and is vital as we age.
I’m a great fan of weight training (also known as resistance training), I use some form of weight training with all my training clients, whether you want to exercise for health, to improve your bone density, or to help with weight loss.
Using weights makes your body stronger, your bones become denser, ligaments and muscles around those bones become strong, you become strong. Lifting weights also improves cardiovascular function and strengthens the heart.
A lot of people worry that they may become too muscly, but muscle growth has a lot to do with diet and you will need to be eating excess calories for muscles to grow.
Not only is weight lifting good for your health you will improve your muscle tone, feel less sluggish, you will have more energy, sleep better and feel empowered…there is something about lifting weights that makes you feel awesome!
As a Dietitian I am aware that the exercise is only a small part of the journey. “You can’t out train a bad diet!” it’s not just a cliché it is true, exercise accounts for 20% of your progress the other 80% is diet. Optimum nutrition is so important which is why I include nutrition advise with all my exercise programs.
Many people think having a personal trainer is expensive, I have packages available and you can train with me from as little as £27.50 per hour. You don’t just get an hour of me telling you what to do! I work with each person individually, I work out the best program to build you up from where you are now and help you become a stronger and healthier version. You don’t just get training, you get support, guidance, mindset, nutrition and I guarantee you will feel a lot better.
A lot of people work with a trainer to get accountability, to have someone tell them what to do, what to eat, what not to eat, yes that is important, but support is more important. It’s a misconception that someone telling you what to do and pushing you to the limits is the best way to make a change, but these methods only produce a temporary change. Instead, having someone guiding you, helping you create healthy habits, exercising at you pace, pushing you gently and being there to support you provides long lasting changes.
If you’re looking to make long lasting and sustainable changes, improve your health and feel great then please contact me for your free discovery call and let me help!

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