What happens at the consultation?

I use a personalised approach with all my clients, my plans for you are centred around you and your goals/needs. At the consultation, I will ask questions about you and your lifestyle, learn about your food habits, motivations and any barriers. I will use this information to formulate your plan.

What happens after the consultation?

I want you to succeed and improve your health and wellbeing. It is important that you are ready to make changes and feel enabled to make them for me to help you. I will commit to you and your goal/nutrition 100%. I provide support for 4 weeks following your initial consultation, or 4 weeks from final appointment if a package is purchased. (This does not apply to the drop-in consultation)

You can be sure you are well supported to meet your goals.

Consultation Options

60 minute clinic consultation £70-£90.00

Skype/facetime £60-£80.00

  • Measurements  if requested.
  • Written plan and consultation overview.
  • 3x weekly telephone appointments. (£90.00 option)
  • Text/email support for 4 weeks following the initial consultation. (£90.00 option)

Suitable for:

  • Clinical nutrition
  • Previously diagnosed allergy/intolerance
  • Coeliac Disease
  • Sports and fitness nutrition
  • General nutrition
  • Health guidance
  • Option 2 Weight management

Drop in Consultation £50

  • 45-minute consultation and immediateadvice (no written plan). 

Follow up/review in clinic (45-minute) £50

Suitable for,

  • Continued support.
  • Moving forward/change of plan.

14 day personalised meal plan. £50

Meal plans are available for individuals who are unsure of the right foods to eat due to a recent diagnosis. For example, nutrient restriction, a newly diagnosed food intolerance, Coeliac disease, new Vegan or vegetarian diet, healthy eating  or allergy.

Meal plans are suitable for,

  • Weight gain.
  • Fitness and sports performance.
  • Dietary changes

Meal plans are temporary and designed to set an example of how to put your nutrition needs together.

Package options

For anyone looking to make long term change.

Weight management package £270

  • Initial 60-minute consultation followed by 2 x 60 minute consultations.
  • The Lifestyle Plan workbook
  • Continuous support up to 4 weeks post final appointment.
  • Weekly telephone check in, email and text support.
  • Option to join closed Facebook Page

IBS package using low FODMAPs (KCL trained)£270.00

  • Clinic preferred but can accommodate Skype.
  • 60-minute initial appointment.
  • 60- minute appointment for food reintroduction
  • 30-minute final appointment.
  • Text and email support included.

Food intolerance/allergy/special diet package. £270.00

  • Clinic only
  • 60-minute initial appointment.
  • 60- minute appointment for food reintroduction
  • 60-minute final appointment.
  • Text and email support included.