I workout between 6-7 days a week and my objective was to try and get my body fat percentage into single figures. I have always struggle to do so and relied heavily on supplements. Unfortunately, this had no effect in helping me achieve my objective. I decided to seek out help. I was aware of how to workout but the nutrition side of things seemed to be lacking. I decided to utilise Christine's services as she was both a dietit...ian as well as a personal trainer. The plans she created were detailed, varied and more importantly nutritious. This was a welcome change to consuming the same meals everyday for months on end. Within a couple of weeks I had lowered my fat to single digits. By the beginning of week 3, I had got to my lowest ever fat percentage, which was 8.8%. I will be commencing week four of the plan and intend to continue for a further four weeks. Christine is available for questions at anytime and is prompt with her replies. She is also available for a weekly call and I'm sure if I requested more calls during her week she'd accommodate me. I haven't touched supplements since and don't intend to. If you are thinking about utilising the services of a dietitian I wouldn't give it a second thought. It's money well spent and the results will not disappoint. Furthermore, I would highly recommend Christine to anyone considering making use of a dietitian. MM

I joined Christine's class on Wednesday mornings which suits me well for my level of fitness. It is challenging without being pressured or judgemental. The perfect atmosphere where you can workout and not be noticed! LS

I consulted Christine for advice on weight gain following an eating disorder. She has provided me with a tailor made dietary programme and has answered my many questions promptly and in detail. In addition to her nutritional advice, Christine has shown great personal care and reassurance to me which has been very much appreciated. Christine has always gone above and beyond expectations to provide the best possible advice and her constant support has been invaluable. Christine has been truly instrumental in my recovery and I cannot thank her enough. I would not hesitate to highly recommend her to anyone seeking nutritional advice of any kind. Anon

I started going to Christine’s Female Only Fitness Class on a Wednesday morning a few months ago after seeing an advert in the local newspaper. I find the early session invigorating, setting me up with lots of energy for the rest of the day. Initially, I thought I would struggle because I was not particularly fit as well as a back injury due to an accident 30 plus years ago and of course it was hard at first but I made it through to the end.
Not long after I decided to try h...er Boot Camp on the Brow evening sessions as well. At the start of the first few classes I thought I wouldn’t make it through the whole session, but I did. Since starting both the classes I feel I have improved my stamina, but still have a way to go. Whilst I will always have a back problem the improvement in my core has helped it, before I would have struggled lifting heavier things, feeling it in my back as well as weakness in my arms, but I am stronger now because I do find it easier to lift heavy things both in my arms and my back, always remembering to engage my core!
Christine is very approachable with an easy going manner, but don’t let that fool you, she works you hard whilst letting you go at your own pace due to everyone being at a different levels. At the beginning of every session you have the option to be weighed and measured, but there is no pressure to do either. If modifications are needed she will show you and if you can’t manage a particular weight she will offer you a lighter one, likewise a heavier one if you feel it is too light, she will adjust your form if need be so that you perform the exercise correctly without causing injury.
The class is reminded of the importance of healthy balanced diet and to make sure we have carbs as well as protein, because of this I have added more carbs to my diet whereas I was very strict with them thinking they made me gain weight more easily.
I definitely recommend Christine Kenny

Things are going well, I'm eating more than usual but also seem to be losing weight (3lbs I think so far this week), which is exactly what I wanted!




I first met Christine Kenny last year, struggled for years with tummy probs and I had recently lost quite abit of weight . Changed my diet but things just got worse . Christine looked at my foods and realised I wasn't eating enough.
Christine spent time , talking about how I view foods and helped me create a good plan that helped with my problems . It took a couple of months to see the difference but I can honestly say I feel almost 100% fine now
Thank you Christine VT