The Lifestyle Plan


You will learn,

•How to eat well

•How to develop a healthy attitude and relationship with food.

•Confidence and positive body image.

•Exercise safely and efficiently



The non-diet approach to health and body positivity.

Led by Registered Dietitian Christine Kenny.




8 weeks - 1.5 hour sessions

Small group

Education and interaction


Weekly meetings

Follow up support

2 groups available, am 10-11.30 and pm 7-8.30 Dates TBC




Part 1: Each week we discuss a different topic, there will be some education and informal discussion.

Part 2: Exercise. The exercise is suitable for all levels. Some people may be more advanced and the exercises can be altered individually, thus ensuring optimum results per individual

0161 941 6455 /07772179587


What do people say


 “I have spent my adult life dieting; I now know that I completely wasted my time!”

“I think we all know what to do, but christine has helped me actually start doing it!”

“I don’t feel guilty anymore” “I love the fact that I’m buying smaller clothes but I do not feel like I’m on a diet!”

“I can’t believe I’m actually enjoying the exercise; I’m even doing the sessions at home!


Contact Christine for more information and see how you can jump off the diet treadmill.