Managing your weight

Weight management programs.

There are two options, each option is personalised to you. 

Option 1   The Lifestyle Plan 

My goal is to provide you with the skills to control your weight for life. To enjoy your food without guilt or stress. To be active and healthy. To be confident in yourself and your body.

‘The lifestyle plan’ is designed for people who struggle with their weight. It is for people who feel they are forever on a diet, nothing seems to work. The weight goes up and down and they are constantly battling with food, emotions and the scales.

This plan has been developed from my experience, research and results. Meal plans are not the answer.

Choose the Lifestyle plan if any of these statements resonate with you.

  • Not sure why you’ve gained weight?
  • Feel like you don’t really eat very much and can’t understand why the weight is piling on?
  • Constantly worrying if you’re eating the right foods?
  • Allowing your mood to be dictated by the number on the scales.
  • Counting calories or points.
  • Confused with mixed messages.
  • Obsessing about what else you can eat to fit into your allowance?
  • Binging on high fat/sugary foods because you feel deprived and fed up!
  • You go out for a meal and then feel guilty about what you’ve eaten?
  • Not sure what a healthy diet is anymore?

All is not lost, I know all of the above sounds quite depressing! You are here looking, you have made the first step to ending the diet cycle.

The Lifestyle Plan is for people who would like to,

  • Balance their weight
  • Identify why they overeat
  • Stop dieting
  • Stop weighing and letting numbers dictate their mood
  • Rebalance their body
  • Eat the food they love
  • Go out with friends and enjoy a meal and a few drinks or a cake without guilt
  • Eat a healthy balance of nutrient rich food-easily without stress
  • Feel energised and healthy
  • Be happy and confident in their body

The most important aspect is, learning to eat mindfully. Knowing your food triggers and how to manage them is key to ending diets for good.

This plan consists of 3 clinic appointments, work book and diary, weekly telephone support, email and text service. (Online program also available)

Option to join a closed Facebook group for support and motivation.

The cost of his plan is £270.00 the plan is designed to be completed over 3-4 months. 

I promise to support you 💯% and help you achieve your goals. You must be ready and committed to succeed.

When considering the price think about how much money you may have spent on diets over the years. How much time have you spent counting points, sins, calories, carbs. How much money you may have spent on calorie controlled meals, shakes and meal replacements. 

This is an end to that, yes it in an investment, an investment in you and your health.

Most importantly NO MORE DIETS! 

Option 2   The consultation.

Personalised and easy to follow weight loss advice.

Looking to stop faddy diets and get on track? A 60 minute consultation with me is all you may need.

I have many clients who would like to improve their health and lose a little bit of weight. They come to my clinic confused, and fed up! The majority have cut out food groups and are following nutrient poor diets.

I can end this confusion for you, you can say goodbye to food fads and silly advice.

I will look at your current diet, lifestyle, activity/exercise and provide you with, realistic, evidence based, personalised advice.

You will leave with a clear plan!

This option is £90 for a 60 minute appointment. Weekly telephone checkins for 4 weeks following the initial appointment. Text and email support.

Follow up clinic appointments are £45.00 for 45 minutes.



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