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Personal training sessions

How many times have you heard “you can’t out train a poor diet” ?

It is so important to combine your training with a nutritious diet.  Choosing a personal trainer who is also a qualified Dietitian enables you to achieve optimum results whatever your fitness goals. Dietitians use an evidence based approach, this means you can be assured nutrition and health advice is of the highest quality, not based on personal opinion or internet searches.

Personal training.

✓ Free no obligation telephone consultation to find out if this is right for you.

✓ An initial 60 minute consultation, where I will find out about you, your goals, current health, dietary and exercise status. The consultation also includes a fitness assessment and sample exercise session. £35.00

✓ A personalised exercise plan to perform outside our training sessions

✓ Nutrition advice as standard.

Follow up sessions are priced at £35.00 per hour for personal training, the personal training will be accompanied by nutrition updates.

Email and text message support always available.

Training sessions now at a private studion in Bowdon. individual and small groups of upto 3 ladies.


My aim is to help you achieve your goals and optimise your health in a simple, realistic and continious approach. 

  1. you will not devote your entire free time to gruelling gym sessions
  2. you will not change your entire way of eating
  3. you will not have kale and chia smoothies for breakfast
  4. you will not spend fortunes on supplements and super foods
  5. you will not form food obsessions and worry about eating out or celebrating
  6. you will not have to meet your macros and buy ready made macro controlled meals


What exactly is a dietitian?

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