Male & female personal training NOW at Altrincham Weightlifting Club or Snap Fitness Sale. NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED TO TRAIN WITH ME!!


Diet and nutrition is included in the package or if 3 Personal training sessions are pre booked. It is not available for single training sessions although you will recieve general advice dependent on your goal.

  • 60 minute sessions – £35.00 or £240.00 for 8 sessions. Include warm up/mobility-specfic to the exercise session and a stretch/cool down.
  • 30 minute sessions – £20.00 – you would be responsible for warm up and cool down.
  • Joint sessions – 2 people – 60 minutes – £55.00
  • Joint sessions – 2 people – 30 minutes – £35.00

Fat loss, health improvement, fitness, muscle gain, physique.

HIIT, functional training, glute specific, “legs, Bums & tums”. 


I don’t just write clients an exercise plan, I work with my clients to make sure they achieve their goals. I find out about them, their abilities and their dreams. I build them up, I motivate them. I optimise their nutrition, I help them achieve.

Support, motivation, mindset and expert nutritional advice as standard.

Mobile training

If you are not a fan of gyms, don’t worry. I have been training clients in heir own home for 2 years. You will be surprised how effective home training can be. I design the session to meet your goals and make best use of the space provided. I bring all the equipment,  you can fit in a session when suits you.

At home personal training – 2 sessions per week
  • Option 1: 8 sessions £220.00

  • PAYG:  £56-must be paid at time of booking.
At home personal training – 1 session per week
  • Option1: 8 sessions £235.00
  • PAYG:    1 session £30.00-must be paid at time of booking.