Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, tone up, get fitter, or learn how to lift weights, get stonger and more confident then I can help. I won’t beast you or set unrealistic goals for you. I use a science based approach, teaching you how to lift weights safely and efficently, I will work with you to get results, enjoy your workouts and enable you to learn to exercise well and make it part of your life. 

If you are already a seasoned gym goer but not getting the results you should be. Book in for a 4 week programe learn how to plan your training and get the most from your workouts.
I can help with sports specific, using weight lifting to improve athletic performance, strength and physique training.

To work with me you are required to purchase an intial 4 week package – £150.00 for 4 sessions including nutrition, 

A full personalised nutrition plan and 3 personal training sessions -£160.00

£230.00 for 2 sessions per week- including nutrition. (£280 with full personalised nutrition plan) (Cancellation policy applies)

I started working with Christine about six weeks ago – as part of my drive to rebuild my life and fitness. I am so glad I chose to work with her.
She has been so supportive and understanding. I have worked with other PTs who have tried to impose a regime designed for someone much younger, fitter and, being blunt – several stone lighter. Christine’s approach is to really take time to understand you as an individual and work from the fitness level you actually have, as opposed to one the text books say you should have.
I have gained confidence as well as fitness, and despite being pushed hard each week, my sessions with her have become a weekly highlight. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Working with Christine is very easy and enjoyable even if she makes me sweat and out of breath all the time. Also she’s very knowledgeable on anything nutrition related which also has been a big help for us on our journey to more mindful eating and losing weight. Highly recommended.

Personal Training

Price List

1 session per week = £35.00
2 sessions per week = £60.00


Packages run for 4 consecutive weeks only.
1 session per week = £130
2 sessions per week = £230

Terms & conditions

All sessions are to be paid at the time of booking. Cancellations of less than 48hours notice are payable in full. I may be able to reschule the session but this is not guaranteed. Packages are for consecutive weeks. Please only purchase a package if you are available for the 4 weeks.


I use a private gym in Altrincham. You do not need to be a member to train with me. Altrincham Buisness Centre, Atlantic St. Altrincham.

Home training is subject to location.