Sunshine salad
2 portions
• 1 medium orange (segmented)
• 10 green olives
• 1 dessertspoon of pumpkin seeds
• ½ a butternut squash (freeze the remainder or use to make a soup. If you prefer use a large courgette instead)
• Salad leaves
• 16 cherry tomatoes
• Small tin of sweetcorn
• 1 small red onion
• 20mls of balsamic vinegar
• 10mls olive oil
• 1 tsp mustard
Roast the butternut squash and allow to cool, Place the salad leaves on the plate and arrange the olives, oranges, tomatoes, butternut squash, sweetcorn and onions on top.
To make the dressing. Heat the balsamic vinegar in a pan until warm, whisk in the mustard and olive oil.
Drizzle over the salad and sprinkle with the pumpkin seeds.
Try adding 6 walnuts or a portion of smoked mackerel or salmon for extra protein and omega 3 oils.