Meet Christine

Registered Dietitian & personal trainer

I’m Christine, the Anti-Diet Dietitian!

I help women like you make positive changes to your nutrition and mindset to find food freedom and stop dieting.

I believe in:

  • Food freedom and eating the foods you love (nothing is off-limits)

  • Not feeling compelled to follow food rules 

  • No dieting or calorie counting 

  • Breaking the cycle of restriction and bingeing

  • Listening to your body and using its natural hunger cues 

  • Nourishing your body 

  • Trusting yourself to make food decisions 

  • Finding inner peace and feel self-confident in your body 

Before I tell you about me, let’s talk about where you’re here. 

You‘re sick of dieting. 

You’re ready to get off the endless diet cycle, you're fed up of losing weight because you’ve restricted your eating, only to pile it back on as soon as you stop dieting. 

You’ve realised that diet culture has misled you and you’re ready to take back control of what you eat and how you eat it. 

I can help you learn to listen to your body, trust yourself and nourish your body while still enjoying the foods you love. 

I can help you get your life back!

And here’s a little bit about me!

I’ve helped hundreds of women to make lasting changes to their mindset and redefine their relationship with food. They don’t feel tempted to jump on yet another diet they feel in control and confident. 

Becoming a dietitian has brought together two of my biggest passions - food and helping people be happy and find solutions to their problems. 

Where it all began!

After having my children, I went back to university to retrain and turn my passion into a career. I graduated and started working at The Christie. I had the most amazing mentor and learnt so much. It was an emotional and very rewarding experience and it gave me the confidence to start my private practice. 

Christine Kenny Nutrition was born! 

Supporting clients to feel confident with fitness too

I took a personal training course to help clients who want to be more active but are uncomfortable and embarrassed about exercising. This is often because of their weight, especially in the gym. But it could also be because they are nervous about embarking on the journey towards better health and fitness. 

It’s a great way for my clients to be more active in a private and body positive environment so they can improve their health and be more confident if they decide to exercise in the gym. 

My business morphed into Christine Kenny Nutrition and Fitness and rapidly expanded now I could offer expertise in nutrition and exercise. 

Here to help you find food freedom 

I work on a holistic approach and look at nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour, mindset and self care. I offer a whole lifestyle approach to changing your relationship with food and your body. 

At the heart of it all is a love of nutrition and helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

​I now specialise in helping people find food freedom as an Anti-Diet Dietitian. I’ve seen first hand how destructive dieting can be for the body and how diet culture locks so many women into feeling controlled by food and unconfident about their body. 

When my clients come to me, they’ve been left in an endless cycle of dieting, losing weight and then gaining it back again. This happens over and over again as you move through cycles of restrictions and binge eating. 

But it CAN be stopped and you CAN live a life without dieting or feeling like a failure because the weight didn’t stay off. I’ll help you find food freedom and peace with your body.

I developed my 12-week Get your life back programme specifically for women like you so you can learn to eat flexibly and mindfully, be confident and feel good. 


A few more facts about me!

I’m a mum to 3 humans and 2 dogs!

I enjoy chatting with friends, being with my family, laughing and gossiping, walking, weight training, cooking (especially for other people) and food. 

Fun fact: I love vegetables and chocolate (not at the same time!)

About me.