The Lifestyle Plan

The Lifestyle Plan

A 12 week program to help you stop dieting and find food freedom! 


Have you tried every diet going, lost weight only to regain  it all back plus more? 

If you are ready to ditch diets and start living well then I can help you.


My personalised 1:1  program is for people who are sick of dieting, instead they are ready to make lasting changes to the way they eat, they are ready to form a good relationship with food and body.

You are probably here because you have dieted, lost weight, gained weight, dieted, lost weight, gained weight, am I right?


That’s because diets work while you are on them, as soon as you go back to your normal the weight creeps back on, and you find the weight creeps on a lot easier.


I help people stop dieting and build a healthy relationship with food. The secret is to make little changes and to keep making little changes.


They do notice changes in their bodies, their energy and the way they feel about themselves, and the way they think about food.

This is not just about the food you eat, it's not another diet. There is a lot more to this program, we will make small changes to enable you to take control. This will include looking at your lifestyle and together we will make changes concerning your daily movement, exercise, how to build consistency and how to change your dieting mindset. 

This is a whole lifestyle approach working with the causes of overeating and subsequent weight gain.

In my program, you will learn

What is a healthy diet and how you can include all foods in your diet?

How to plan and choose nourishing meals

How to incorporate all foods in your diet- trust me you will not just want to eat pizza!

How to increase daily activity

How to include structured exercise (Personal training is available)

Learn about mindset and self-belief – Trust that you can make long term changes.

Lose the dieting mindset and understand that this is a journey

Improve your confidence and self-esteem

If you are ready to make these changes then you can apply for a free discovery call to find out more.


What's included?

1 x 60 minute initial consultation, followed by 5 fortnightly video or telephone calls.

Goal setting, personalised advice and access to my group learning modules!

Personalised recommendations, support, accountability, learning modules and expert guidance.

Personal training sessions-subject to availability. (£155 x 1 session per week over 4 weeks)

Online - 12 week group program

If 1:1 program is not right for you you can join my  group program.