IBS and Intolerances

Struggling with gut symptoms can be very stressful and have a real impact on everyday life.

I use a variety of methods for managing these conditions. My clients are provided with an initial consultation where a detailed history and food diary is taken.

You will then have the option of completing a general nutrition pathway where we focus on 1st line dietary advice, ensuring your diet and lifestyle are supporting your goals. 

Or following  the low FODMAP elimination diet. This diet has a very high success rate in identifying foods which cause IBS symptoms. This diet is a 3 step process and requires a period of elimination, reintroduction and finally forward planning.

It is important to be aware that IBS and food intolerances can because by lifestyle factors and stress as well as certain foods, it is extremely important that you consult a Registered Dietitian when dealing with food elimination.

***Please note you must have had a Coeliac Test prior to the initial consultation for IBS or intolerances. This can be requested from your GP.

IBS & food intolerances require a  8 week program.

You will have 1 x 60minute initial consultation with personalised advice.

Followed by 2 x 30minute video/phone calls to monitor your results and recommend further action.


The cost of this program is £200 and includes written resources.

The low FODMAP diet is a 12 week program.

You will have 1 x 60minute initial consultation to discuss the 1st stage of the process and to establish if this is the correct pathway.

This is followed by 2 x 30minute video/phone calls to complete each stage.

You will have a final outcome consultation (30mins) to forward plan.

The cost of this program including written resources is £300