Why you need to ditch the diet

The more I work with women the more I aware I am of how much diet culture and society’s view on what a woman should be is - so messed up, the more aware I become of the devastating

impact diet culture has on women.

Diet culture controls more than just the food we eat, it controls our femininity, our self-esteem and our womanhood.

Keeping women small, undermined, unseen and unheard by the very industry that is supposed to empower women to be a better version of themselves.

A woman’s self-worth is not governed by her dress size, her ability to ignore her hunger, her ability to get up 2 hours before her family so she can fit in a workout, her ability to fast all week only to feel shitty about eventually giving into her hunger.

How many hours have you as a woman given up to staying on track, counting every calorie you eat, pushing yourself so hard at the gym you become exhausted and obsessed, feeling guilty and full of self-loathing when you can’t do your workout?

How many social occasions have you dreaded because their would be food available, it’s f’in food!!

How many times have you ran on the treadmill for hours because you were going for a pizza or a date night?

Who told us to live this way, who told us that we could not trust our own bodies and make decisions based on our hunger, our pleasure, our satisfaction. In a society where food is plenty and choices are fully available why do we restrict our instinct to survive and push away or enjoyment of food.

We evolved with taste buds and pleasure receptors to help us survive but we have been told to ignore them for so long we have forgotten how to eat.

Ladies you will never take control of your body until you kick diet culture to the kerb, until you ditch diets and the pursuit of weight loss you will never take control. It doesn’t matter how amazing the diet is, how much you enjoy your workouts when you stop or when life gets in the way you will revert because it was a diet and diets don’t work long term.

Take back your body, take back your life and ditch diets for good.

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